Cape Cod Family Portraits: Dowses

casual family portrait on beach


I have often said I’m a community photographer. This fabulous family is a perfect example. When I’ve photographed your school photos for years, taken two out of your three children’s senior portraits (just waiting for the third to get there), and taken your family portrait a few times, I think it shows the truth in that. I become friends with my clients, we have jokes that continue from one session to the next even if those sessions are years apart. One of my other family clients said I was like part of the family, “a family member we visit once a year during the summer!”

Families are all different, and it’s fun getting to see interactions  between them and with me when I’m taking their photograph. This family is so much fun. They are silly and funny and have such a great sense of adventure and sense of humor. There is always talk of a family pyramid, but as of yet, we haven’t got quite that crazy! Sometimes it’s hard to focus because we’re all laughing so much. I’m not sure you could find a better job, laughing out loud, on the beach with lovely people, at the most perfect time of day. Yeah, being a family portrait photographer on Cape Cod is a great gig!!!

collage of family photos at beach

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