“Live in the sunshine, swim the sea, drink the wild air.” – Emerson

Your family portrait is something that you will treasure, it is a moment of time within your family captured for all of time, truly priceless. Sarah has been taking portraits on the Cape full time since 2001, (& prior to that was working under another photographer from 1986). We create the best kind of art, the kind that shows off your beautiful family!! 

You’ll find here some minimum investments and a starting range so that you can get an idea of what you should expect when you have portrait art created by us. Although there is not one particular thing that most of our families order, we find that a wall portrait or canvas wall collection are included with most orders along with some smaller sizes for gift giving. Our style of photography lends itself perfectly to our canvas wall collections (because who could choose just one?) as well as albums, but we’ll help by giving you some ideas when we’ve created your portraits. We’ll chat before your session, so that we can find out what you’re thinking about and what will make your portraits perfect for you. Please call or email us to go through our pricing, we’d love to talk with you and go over all of our pricing and policies in detail with you.

For all of our portraits we collect a session fee, which is Sarah’s time and talent to create images for you, this is always due upon booking any of our sessions. The session fee holds your date, and once the day is booked, it’s yours!

At the Studio by the Sea, Sarah is only able to take beach portraits during a small portion of the year, and is only able to take usually one family beach session a day, and our work is priced accordingly.  Our session, or creation fees are $300. for all family sessions anywhere on the Cape, off Cape and other locations are available for a travel fee. We collect the session/creation fee at the time of booking your session. Generally we find that most of our individual family clients invest a minimum of $850. into their portraits. Our multi-family or multi-generational portrait clients generally invest starting at $1000. into their collections.

Children’s portraits are $300. for the session which can be anywhere, from our studio to the beach to your home to the ice cream parlor. Investments range from $500.

Senior Portraits are $300. which includes a $100. photo credit towards your order. Generally, you can expect a total investment starting at $500.

Call us for more info! We accept all forms of credit cards, and schedule payments throughout the entire portrait process so please talk with us to find out what will work best for you. We value our portraits, we have invested many years into learning and educating and practicing our craft so that we are able to create artwork of your family which you will treasure. Investments in portraiture only ever gain in value as life goes on.

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