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So I’ve finally created a newsletter sign up… only took me, well, let’s just go with forever… It’s always on my list of things to do, so I’ve decided this is the year.

I’m going to send out a monthly newsletter, I call it Cape Cod Happy, which if you know me is just, well… so me. And if you don’t, and sign up, pretty soon you’ll be like, oh yeah, I get it now. Last year I did a hundred day project on my Instagram, #sarahsharessomehappiness, when I was telling me sister about it, she asked, ‘isn’t that what you always share?’. Lol.

I’m a huge believer in positivity and the power of being full of wonder. And I live on Cape Cod. What could be better? So Cape Cod happy is ready to launch, it just needs you.

All sign ups get an Instagram ready image to share, please tag me when you use it, I’m sure I’ll enjoy your posts too!

The adventure will have places to visit, great beaches, things I find, food, monthly little discoveries into Cape Cod. Join the happy Cape Cod tribe! Can’t wait to meet you!!!

xo Sarah

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