Kids and their best (stuffed) friends

Boy-with-his-cat-standingI got Bear Bear when I was 7 or 8, he was my sisters. She said I could have him if I did the dishes for her one night, her chore that day. I, having always loved Bear Bear, immediately jumped at the chance. Now I’m certain it might not have worked out too well for me, but my mother overheard, and Bear Bear is still a part of my life. When I went off for college, he was wearing his seat belt right beside me. He has been on a shelf in my bedroom always. He’s a sweet little part of my childhood, and I don’t ever have to let that part go. When his ear fell off a year or so back, I messaged my childhood friend, Karen, and told her that her mother’s job of sewing on his ear when it fell off at their house, had held for at least 3 1/2 decades, and I was quite impressed with her handiwork! (Bear Bear has actually made my blog before, on Teddy Bear’s Picnic Day, he’s the handsome fella in the straw boater).

My daughter still lets Curious George sleep in her bed, and she’s 16. Granted, she mostly uses him as a pillow, and he gets kicked out an awful lot, but he’s been hanging out with her for at least a decade now. I think if I said, ‘hey honey, I’m going to donate George to the Goodwill’, she’d put up quite a fuss. Though she wouldn’t admit to either.

Boy with his catBoy-with-his-cat-running

Many children have special friends that are part of the family for a time, or for always, everyone knows their name, they get included in baths, dinners, vacations… I decided they need their time in the spotlight. When I put out a call for models for sample portraits, I heard over and over, ‘my child is so thrilled to be able to be photographed with their animal, we’re always telling them they can’t be in the photographs’.

My first session was with Noah and his friend Gibbles. Gibbles has even inspired poetry, though I haven’t been lucky enough to read it! Noah was full of energy, as most 7 year olds are, and he made me laugh a lot. Gibbles was quieter, but still great company. 🙂


Would you like to have your child photographed with their special stuffed animal friend? I’m going to have two photography days here on Cape Cod for children with their special stuffed animals, (the first next month, the second over the summer to be scheduled). The session fee will be donated to Cape & Islands United Way to help support children in our Cape Cod community, with special collections available. We have limited sessions available on June 11th, and will open sign ups soon. Please follow our Facebook page for details.



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