Cape Cod summer

two boys running on beach

Cape Cod summers are magical. Filled with sunshine and seaweed, and races on the beach. Sailing and swimming and pretending to be mermaids {or pirates of course}. Picnics and clambakes and fishing for dinner. Late nights watching the stars, or a movie at the drive-in. Walking in the brackish water, trying to find the line between salt and fresh. Searching for shells and sand-dollars and perfectly smooth rocks. Listening to the Ospreys and Plovers and waves crashing {or sometimes arriving gently} on the shore.

And of course, for having a new family portrait created on one of our beautiful beaches. I’m booking the summer of 2016, as one must keep a little summer in their heart all year long, and already, I can’t wait for next year.

Sunrise family portrait, Skaket Beach, Orleans. 



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