Feeling beachy? (or how the heck do I choose a beach for my Cape Cod family portrait?)

Ocean and clouds at dusk

How do you decide on a beach for your Cape Cod portrait? Whether it’s a family portrait, including all of the beautiful lifestyle images of your children running down the beach (trying to keep them out of the water!), or a senior photo where the last images may be in the water, where you have them taken will set the mood for the entire session. Cape Cod beaches all have personalities of their own.

Our goal for your portraits is to create a piece of art for your wall that you will treasure. That said, we want you to be part of the decision making process, and that includes what beach should you choose. We have many ideas, and options and can help as needed, of course!!!

I was walking my dog along Nauset Beach in Orleans earlier this week, and was blown away by what a spectacularly beautiful night it was. And this is me. A Cape Cod portrait photographer, I’ve seen more sunsets and dusks on more beaches in the past year than most people will in their entire lifetime. I only had my phone with me (boy was I bummed!) but couldn’t not capture the insane gorgeousness of the night.

So how do you choose a beach?

1. Location is definitely important, let’s start with what town you’re in and go through some options nearby.

2. Do you have a beach you’ve grown up on, your kids have grown up on, is your happy place? Well obviously, that’s where we want to photograph! (I was photographing a family portrait a few years ago, and they asked for a recommendation near me, we decided on a location in Osterville, but then I asked more questions. Turns out the beach they were on was where all of these questions I just asked originated. The dad loved searching for clams and crabs and other marshy things on a beach in Brewster when he was a kid and he and his wife rented the same house every summer on that same beach so that he could share those wonderful experiences with his three children and help them create their own Cape Cod summer memories. The portraits went from being a beach portrait of his family (which would have been lovely) to a family photo on the beach that also captured a lifetime of family memories at the same time. Glad I kept asking…)

3. Do you have a private beach at your Cape house or the house you’ve rented? Perfect.

4. Do you want big expansive vistas with large waves and big puffy clouds? (Like Nauset above although I certainly can’t promise clouds!!!) Or do you love rocks and jetties? Is sea grass what you want hanging on your wall? We have samples of so many different beaches, and can tell you where you can find certain elements like a jetty that’s surrounded by ocean, or beach grass with a perfect path through, or whatever it is that is perfect Cape Cod beach to you.

5. Are sunset silhouettes what you’re looking for? Then you need a beach facing the right way…

We’d love to help you find the perfect Cape Cod beach. We have so many down here to choose from. I’ve just started posting some beaches on my Instagram account so that they can be browsed through (umm starting with this one of Nauset, I was just so excited I had to share even though the concept is new), feel free to go take a peek I’m hashtagging locations… And then give us a call, or send us an inquiry, we’d love to talk with you about what you’re looking for in your Cape Cod portrait session…


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