Cape Cod Beach Portraits: Generational photos

I love this time of year. Summer is in the air, although so are those darn snow flakes still! The anticipation of a new season is so exciting, the phone is ringing, my inbox is full, and family portrait sessions (as well as a high school senior picture or two!) are being booked daily. I can’t wait to see clients who I haven’t seen since last summer, or a few summers before that, and meet new clients who have come my way. I take a lot of multi-generational portraits, you know the ones, where families all get together, come to their Cape house or rent a big old house here on Cape Cod in Chatham or Hyannisport or where ever and have a loud, crazy, fun, week of spending time with the family. I love being a part of the celebration, whether it’s for an anniversary, or a birthday or just because, I become part of the family for a few hours!! I love hearing the stories, from the older generations and from the younger generations and any in the middle about what their families mean to them, why everyone is together, how hard it was to get everyone there!!! It’s such a privilege.

Collage of family photos

Call or email us for more information, we’d love to hear about your celebration, your family, and find out how you’d like to remember your time with those you love best. Share your stories with us so we can help you to relive it…

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