Why choose The Studio by the Sea for your Cape Cod portrait?

“Can I tell you how much I love the canvas of my kids and me.  I smile every time I walk by it!!” – Linda R.

It’s not just about the portrait that’s hanging on your wall, it’s about the memories that were being made while we were creating it. Your family is unique, let’s capture that so it’s remembered always. Love, right there on your wall, reminding you every day what wonderful things you’ve done with your life. You created your beautiful family.

Cape Cod Family Portraits

I think the most important reason is because your family deserves to have a special portrait. Your family is special, and I want to capture that. I want to celebrate that. I want you to have art on your walls that shows the love you and your family share. I want you to be able to have the people you love most surrounding you in your home, even when they can’t always be there in person. I want to create a portrait that you’ll love, that shares who your family is at this moment in time, that captures today. I want to hear your vision for your portrait and create it for you. I love what I do, because of that, I have a great time creating your portrait, which helps you to have a great time too. I love the fact that I get hugged by everyone, kids, moms, grandmoms all of the time! During sessions kids are often holding my hand or showing me what they’ve found or sharing what they’ve done while they’re on vacation. Probably my favorite compliment I get is when people tell me how much they enjoyed the session, and how easy it was. When everyone’s laughing and enjoying themselves, we can create portraits that are a true representation of your family. Real fun. Real expressions. Real laughter. Real quality family time. All of that, and portraits you’ll treasure!

“It was a wonderful experience for our entire family and we were so pleased with the final results. Thank you so much for making it a fun and memorable time.”  Julia & Pete

We’ve been creating portraits on Cape Cod since 1986, so we know the best locations, how to put your family at ease, how to pose, and how to create beautiful images for you. Professionally educated in photography, we are always continuing our education through workshops and classes. We are proud of every portrait we create.

We want to create a portrait that is yours. We ask you where you want to have it taken, is there a location that’s special to your family? Have you been going to the same beach since you were a kid? We of course, have great recommendations up and down the Cape if you are unfamiliar with our peninsula, but if there’s a special spot where you’d like to have your family portrait taken, that’s where we want to take it. We ask questions before the session to find out what you’re looking for in the session, who’s going to be there, if there’s a special occasion, what ideas you have for the finished photos, we help you with clothing choices, all to create a portrait that is exactly what you are looking for. Sure we can pick the beach, tell you what you have to wear and when you’ll have to be there, but that’s a portrait for us. We want to take beautiful images for you.

We’re always here for you to help with everything from location and clothing choices as mentioned above, to size and image choices, to framing and display, to how to care for those portraits. We are happy to assist with everything from all about your family portraits to where you should go for dinner and what you should see while you’re in town.

When you’ve had your portrait created with us, we’ve shared in a tiny part of your family history. That makes all of our clients special to us, we love seeing some of our families year after year, connecting together socially, watching families grow and change, interacting within the community, creating friendships, developing relationships that go beyond an hour on the beach. We consider ourselves so lucky to be in the field of photography.

Cape Cod Senior Portraits

“Sarah made the experience fun, and made my senior pictures AMAZING!” ~Meghan

You are special. You are unique. There is no one else like you in the world, let’s capture that. Let’s celebrate you. We love photographing senior portraits. Choose where best represents who you want to share with the world, maybe your session should be on the beach, at a gorgeous garden, an urban Main Street portrait, cool studio settings or another location of your choice. Again, it’s all about you. We feel that some of our past seniors say it best:

“I loved working with Studio by the Sea! I had so much fun during my senior shoot. Working with Sarah is both enjoyable and easy. She takes amazing and one-of-a-kind photos that you cannot get anywhere else.” ~ Brian

“During my session, my photographer, Sarah truly made me feel wonderful about the pictures as well as relaxed and comfortable. She truly demonstrated a passion for photography, putting me at ease in front of the camera. I look comfortable and the photos seem to highlight me, and allowed my smile and laughter to be real, and not posed. I love my pictures! And coming from someone who doesn’t usually like being in front of a camera, that’s saying something!” ~ Elise

“Sarah was great! She was funny and made me feel very comfortable.” ~ Deanna

“I chose The Studio by the Sea to create my portrait because I have seen my friends’ pictures and they turned out amazing.” ~ Lauren

Give us a shout, we’d love to talk with you about you’re looking for in your senior portraits. Let us help you show the world who you are. Tell us your ideas, and let’s work together to make creative, beautiful senior portraits for you here on gorgeous Cape Cod. 

“You don’t make a photograph just with a camera. You bring to the act of photography all the pictures you have seen, the books you have read, the music you have heard, the people you have loved.” – Ansel Adams



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