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oh those Lupines {Iceland}

As we were flying into Iceland, I kept seeing these areas of purple, as the plane neared the earth, I think I actuallyView more »

Spring clean up {Cape Cod style}

  There are a lot of spots on the Cape that I just adore, this road is one of my absolute faves. I want toView more »


There is nothing like the city to give you window envy…View more »

a feather floating on the low tide sand

Sand patterns

A feather floating. Gently held by waves of sand waiting for the sea…View more »

Callanish II Stone Circle

The love of the journey {and a good map}

I always say my favorite thing to photograph is stones. I have spent many hours searching for stones – stoneView more »

Petrified logs at the Petrified Forest

The Petrified Forest

As summer draws ever nearer, and my days that are a bit more carefree come to a close, I find myself thinking about myView more »

Summer sunset at Mayflower Beach, Cape Cod

Earth Day.

Every day is Earth day. Protect this beautiful planet we live on, with all of it’s amazingness. It’s theView more »

Stage Harbor Light Cape Cod

let your light shine.

follow us on Instagram @StudiobySeaView more »

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