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My favorite person is 17. I was going to make her little message in a bottle, ‘you are my favorite’. ButView more »

Scenes around Cape Cod

This morning, after photographing the 8th graders at St. Francis Xavier for their yearbook photos, I was dropping off View more »

7 quotes about the sea

1. beautiful secrets are whispered to your soul by a quiet sea. {said me} 2. I come into the presence of still water andView more »

oh those Lupines {Iceland}

As we were flying into Iceland, I kept seeing these areas of purple, as the plane neared the earth, I think I actuallyView more »

every day…

I photographed Cape Cod Academy’s graduation today. I love photographing it, the classes are small, and I’veView more »

Message in a bottle

I often talk about how I’d love to find a message in a bottle. I’m a big believer in that what you put outView more »

seashell mandala

Cape Cod Mandala {one}

Deep peace of the running wave to you. Deep peace of the flowing air to you. Deep peace of the quiet earth to you. DeepView more »

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