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Holiday Cards

A couple of years ago, life was really challenging due to a number of reasons, and I just didn’t have enough hoursView more »

Pine cone Wreath

So here is the first on my list of this year’s wanted to, did, project. A pine-cone wreath. #1/50 Saw a beautifulView more »

a close up of the sea

World Ocean’s Day

John Fitzgerald Kennedy said, “We are tied to the ocean. And when we go back to the sea, whether it is to sail orView more »

Summer sunset at Mayflower Beach, Cape Cod

Earth Day.

Every day is Earth day. Protect this beautiful planet we live on, with all of it’s amazingness. It’s theView more »


Love is really the most important thing. Really. What else can even come close? So my wish for you today is love. MayView more »

natural wreath hanging on door

winter: friends and wreaths

I have this lovely friend, Marian, for the past two years she has had this delightful wreath making party at herView more »

Handmade simple sailboat

Summer is coming!

It’s snowing yet again here on the Cape. But you know what? Summer is coming. It’s almost spring, and alwaysView more »

The perfect thank you note

The perfect thank you note is the one that is sent. Whether it’s a quick scribbled note or a handmade masterpieceView more »

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