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Hey, Sarah here, welcome to my site! I’m so glad you’re here.

When I’m not behind the camera, you can find me gazing adoringly at my daughter, (she’s 17 now, so it kind of gets on her nerves!), walking my loopy black lab, Lucy along the beach in winter (or summer, or fall, or spring…), creating something, beach combing or beach cleaning and generally just finding wonder in the world.

I am happy and enthusiastic, and love so many things besides, of course, photography; the sound of waves against the shore, stargazing, old cameras, searching out standing stones and stone circles, traveling, rug-braiding, quotes, splashing in puddles, exploring, kayaking, skiing, crocheting (albeit a tad badly), reading, getting mail, sending mail, making things for people, tea, donkeys, being on safari, bird watching, the light after a storm, alternative photographic processes, collecting rocks, sharing happiness… phew, I had to stop, but you know that line about finding wonder, I wasn’t kidding!!!

I am passionate about the environment, beach clean-ups, and saving our beautiful planet, as well as empowering women and spreading happiness.

I always wanted to be a photographer. I was 10 when I realized it’s what I wanted to do. I always thought I’d be traveling the world with a camera and little else. But instead I found myself washed ashore on this peninsula, with an entirely different life. But my passion is just as strong as it was in the beginning. I remember being accepted to photography school, Hallmark Institute of Photography (nope, nothing to do with the greeting cards) and thinking that I was on my way. Who knew it’d be to here? But on my way I was. Photographing families and children is really a magical experience. It’s so hard to explain, but it’s as if I become part of your family for a while. I’m that eccentric, silly aunt everyone can’t wait to visit. Portrait sessions are so much fun. For all of us. It’s a good gig I’ve got.

I’m a member of the Professional Photographers of Cape Cod, and also a past President. I currently serve on the board of the Mid-Cape Cultural Council. I’m also a past director on the board of the Arts Foundation of Cape Cod. Other affiliations include PPA (Professional Photographers of America), as well as the Cape Cod Women’s Association, the Hyannis Chamber of Commerce and the Hyannis Business Improvement District. On a personal level, I volunteered for many years for the local Girl Scout service unit as Treasurer, and was a leader of my daughter’s Troop, journeying from Daisies through Cadettes (oh how I miss those girls!).

I love being a Cape Cod photographer. How lucky am I that I get to spend all summer photographing families and portraits on our beautiful beaches here on the Cape? I consider myself so blessed that I am able to create images that capture those great memories which tell the story of our lives… Living on the Cape is such a fabulous place to be, what better place to take magical photographs of childhood, family portraits that are both relaxed and timeless, and senior photos which are fun and creative…. How great to be a professional photographer on Cape Cod, my studio is the beach, my light is the sun…

You have this beautiful family that you just can’t get enough of, and want to share every bit of your love with. I get that. Being a mom is my favorite part of my journey, moments together that are just family with no distractions are so rare, they are cause for celebration. Some of my favorite moments are when it’s my handsome hubby, my lovely daughter, and my occasionally stinky dog are all together, with no outside interruptions. Those are the moments I cherish.

I call myself a photographer of life, because I photograph all of those moments which when all put together make up our lives. As John Lennon said, “life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.” Life is what we need to celebrate the here and now.

We’re in our seventeenth year photographing portraits on beautiful Cape Cod, we’ve learned the best spots, the best light, the best poses, everything to make your portrait everything you could ever hope for! Thanks for still reading, check out my blog for more insights and stories about my happy Cape Cod life, and please reach out with any questions, or for more information or sign up for our monthly newsletter here.

xo Sarah

 “Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.” – Mahatma Gandhi

Cape Cod photographer, Sarah Jane Thornington, photographer of life… photographer for the community… Beautiful Cape Cod beach portraits.

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