Family Portraits Cape Cod {Sandwich}

This time of year is for reflection, and goal setting, and organizing, and cleaning, and pretty much everything but family portraits on the beach. Though I do get the occasional call, ‘can you photograph my family on the beach?’, which I pretty much have to say no to.

As I’m doing all of these tasks, I’m going through images I took over the last beach season, and reliving memories and conversations and thinking about those gorgeous, warm summer evenings with that amazing light… I do miss it in the winter, but this season has it’s own wonderful things. They’re just quieter, and colder. Much, much colder.

This family portrait session in Sandwich was such fun, it was a celebration of the dad’s birthday, and the whole crew came from all over to celebrate together. The cake decorator had accidentally wrote Happy 90th on the dad’s cake, though he is decades away from that number, so many giggles were had about that. Even I played along, ‘well,’ I said to him, ‘you do only turn 90 once, or maybe twice…’

One of the young granddaughters was so excited to find a Kindness Rock on the beach celebrating the eclipse, which was to happen the next day, we had a whole conversation about the Kindness Rocks Project and her and her dad were so excited to bring it back to their home in New York. I told them all about the stop-motion project I’d helped on too, so that was a neat conversation that was unexpected, and all due to the discovery of a rock that I just happened to notice her holding as we were walking back to the house after the sun had set, and our portrait session had come to an end…

I’m setting my schedule for  the upcoming season, preparing for another wonderful summer on Cape Cod taking family portraits on the beach, photographing high school senior photos on our beautiful shores, and am excited already about what the new year might bring.

This will be the summer of my own daughter’s senior portrait, so I’m a bit in denial about that, but that’s a post for another day, today I’m sticking with the excitement side. 🙂

My schedule, as always, is open for booking. If you’d like to talk about your Cape Cod family portrait, or have your own graduating senior you’d like portraits on the beach of, give us a shout…

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