Cape Cod senior portraits {Chapin Beach}

I am this high energy, happy, excited kind of human. I am so enthusiastic about everything, talk a lot, (often too loudly), laugh even more, (often, again, too loudly, haha) and am, kind of exhausting to be around at times, I’m sure. So I am always in awe of calm souls. Those people who just make you take a deep breath and you just feel so peaceful in their presence. Sage was oh so that. She was lovely both inside and out, and photographing her was a completely different kind of energy than I’m used to. She took my exuberant energy and just created this peaceful atmosphere, I can’t really explain it, but trust me when I say, in the middle of my crazy, hectic, frenetic, way too busy life at the moment, it was joy to be around her. I truly loved photographing her. And I think she had fun too…

Senior portraits at Chapin Beach, Dennis. Love the outfit! Especially the Converse. Perfect.

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