Scenes around Cape Cod

This morning, after photographing the 8th graders at St. Francis Xavier for their yearbook photos, I was dropping off some books to donate to the Little Free Library at Seagull beach, when the fog started to roll in. The sun got that gorgeous haziness to it, and I was admiring the marsh, thinking about how much the colours have changed already, and how pretty the water looked, when I saw this handsome Egret. Just hanging out on an oyster cage right off the shore in that beautiful light. I whipped my car over, and got out my camera as quietly as I could so that it wouldn’t fly off before I had a chance to photograph it.

In the end, I was able to get a bunch of shots and get quite close to it, before it decided it had had enough and flew off to the other side of the pond.

It’s moments that these that make me love living on Cape Cod.

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