Cape Cod Senior portraits

I loved photographing Noelle. She was my first beach portrait session this season, and even after all of these years, I get little butterflies at my first portrait of the summer… While I was photographing the session at the beach near her home, I knew I was going to just love the images. She had such a gorgeous ‘quiet face’, there are so many emotions in those beautiful eyes of hers. And I am a huge fan of freckles, so really there wasn’t a chance of me not loving them I guess!

The night was gorgeous, that Cape Cod light we are so blessed with, and it was quite still, which makes for those amazing blues in the water. {also meant we were getting eaten alive by no see-ums, but that’s the price you have to pay sometimes!}

Cape Cod senior photos are winding down for this year, I have a few more to go, and will schedule a handful more when they realize their yearbook deadline is impending, but for the most part I have almost completed another year of Cape Cod beach portraits. It’s too early to start thinking about next summer, though I’ve already scheduled my first family portrait next summer, but I hope it starts off as amazing as this season did!



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