oh those Lupines {Iceland}

As we were flying into Iceland, I kept seeing these areas of purple, as the plane neared the earth, I think I actually gasped. Lupines. The land was literally purple for miles. The runway had flowers interspersed with both lava and the concrete landing strips, as we taxied in, I was overwhelmed by the shear beauty of it all. I could not wait to get off the plane. I didn’t imagine seeing the flowers in any better setting than that first glimpse in arriving.

I couldn’t have been more wrong. My daughter was getting a bit eye roll-y with me, ‘must we really stop again to photograph flowers?’ she’d ask. I could have spent our entire Iceland vacation photographing them. (I’m glad I didn’t as the moss covered lava fields and waterfalls and Icelandic horses and icebergs all captured my artistic side as completely as the flowers as it turned out). But it was incredibly magical. And I feel so lucky that we were there during the peak of their flowering beauty. As we were driving along there were Lupines, on either side of the road, as far as the eye could see. In every direction. For mile after beautiful, purple mile. Rolling flowering, sweet smelling fields that begged to be photographed, and painted, and admired, and as we learned, needing to have your selfie in them (on this last point we refrained though many, many others I guess couldn’t, and to be fair after a few days I did ask if maybe we should. But I was denied, lol).

On our stopover on the way back home, I saw those same flowers on the runway taking off, but I had to search for them, they were past their flowering, and their colours had dulled, I mean there were still pretty, but nothing like the amazing sight of nature we were blessed to see.

Traveling opens our eyes to the wonder of our planet, giving you gifts you didn’t even imagine were possible.

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