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I photographed Cape Cod Academy’s graduation today. I love photographing it, the classes are small, and I’ve been photographing 3 of the students that graduated today for the last 13 years. I have literally watched them grow up. I always photograph a couple of senior portraits for the class, and the occasional family portrait, so honestly, I feel like I know these kids. It’s a wonderful school, a beautiful community, I am honored to be their photographer.

The graduating class elects a teacher each year to give the faculty address, and this year’s speech was about moving forward, and that until you choose to actually begin you aren’t able to accomplish anything. And about finding your calling. Pretty inspiring. I, of course, thought of my daughter, who will be starting this part of her journey in just two more years, though I believe she may have found her calling already… and of myself, who is always wondering what it is I actually want to do when I grow up. (Photography of course, yes, I love what I do, but there is more in me. I had better find it soon, being close to a big milestone in a few months, lol!).

I am currently in the middle, well more than middle actually, of a 100 day project on Instagram, 100 days of happiness, and this path image called to me as my image for the day. (I didn’t take it today, but I did play around with some editing on it today, and I’m okay with that). As soon as I (accidentally stumbled) came across it, I thought ‘we never know what’s over the hill’, and we don’t.

Every day is perfect chance to choose our path. Every day we can stay where we know what it’s like, or we can choose to go over the hill into the unknown. Every day is a new day, every day we choose to start heading somewhere. Every day is a new chance to choose which direction we go.

What better day than a graduation day to explore our options?

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