Cape Cod maternity portraits on the beach


I loved those days. The ones when it was still just my husband and I and yet we were on our way to becoming a family. We used to lie in bed and imagine what was to come, what our future would look like, how our family would be. Feeling a little life growing inside of me, playing name that body part, is that an elbow? what could that possibly be? Being terrified and excited in equal parts. Now 17 years later, I can honestly say, we had no idea of what was to come, lol, but there’s something so incredibly special about that time in a couple’s journey.

When I celebrate this amazing time with couples during this part of their life together, I am always brought back to when we were there, my husband and I. I am full of joy for them, and want to share all of the amazing things that being a parent brings, and how you have no idea just how much you can love until you have a child. It is such an amazing time to commemorate, you as a couple have created wonder, created a family, your love created a new life, how special is that? Of all the wonderful days to come together, there will never be any like these again. From couple to family. You as a couple to you as a family, your own special history unfolding. What an amazing thing.

Cape Cod maternity sessions on the beach, portraits sharing your journey from couple to family. 

Chapin Beach, Dennis, Massachusetts

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