Family portraits on Cape Cod

I wrote a post the other day on my Facebook page about how our strength as Americans comes from our diversity, and I thought about all the amazing families I’ve photographed from all over the world over the past 15 years. I am so lucky to meet people from so many different backgrounds, and truly do believe that our differences make us a stronger country. Learning from them makes us better people. Experiencing different cultures makes us kinder. Accepting people where they are gives us more compassion. A smile can make the world a little happier.

brewster-flats-family-portraitcasual-family-portrait-long-beachfamily-portrait on Cape Cod

Here’s my thoughts from the other day:

I was thinking today about how our strength as Americans is really is because of our individuality as people. We believe different things, we like different things, we have different religions, different ethnicities, different opinions, different customs, different hobbies, and that all makes our world a better place to be. How lucky that we are able to find like minded friends to share our passions with, opposites to learn and grow from (and sometimes marry), and many people in between that sometimes challenge us, sometimes make us better, and sometimes are just fun to be around. Individuality is something we should never take for granted, without it, imagine how boring the world would be.



Cape Cod family portraits taken at: from top to bottom, Brewster, Long Beach – Centerville, Dowses Beach – Osterville

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