Summer memories {a fish tale}

Old photo young girls holding big fish

When we first moved to the States from England we lived by the sea for a time. I think the salt water got under my skin, and made me part mermaid, because I always feel I can breathe best when I am on the shore. There are stories of me, about 2, in the winter, crossing a busy main road, alone, to get to the beach, all dressed in my wumping wuit (why my parents called my snow suit a jumping suit I am unsure, why I called it a ‘wumping wuit’ is fairly obvious, being 2 and all). The ocean was drawing me in even then.

This house is the only one I lived in with my dad, a little green house near the sea. It’s his birthday today, so I’m celebrating his memory with some fish he caught many years ago… One’s that didn’t get away! My sister is on the left, I’m on the right, not quite 2. A fish tale with a happy (and documented) ending.

Photos transport us. The save our memories for us. They tell stories for us. They save our little red leather shoes for all of time (they’re there, just barely making it into this image). They remember for us when we can’t. They share the fish story that it really was ‘that big’, at least in the hands of children. They share how happy we were together. Look at us holding those slimy, smelly fish, so proud!! They make time {literally} stand still.

If you’re visiting the Cape this summer, or if you’re lucky enough to live here, I’d love to talk to you about saving your family summer memories. Contact us for more information. Isn’t it time for your Cape Cod family portrait? Or maybe a lifestyle portrait session capturing memories from a day, or an adventure, or some other moment in time? We’d love to be a part of your Cape Cod summer.

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