Cape Cod portrait beach: Sesuit Harbor, Dennis

Beaches on the Cape are funny, they each have their own following. People will call me and tell me they absolutely have to have their portrait taken on a specific beach, and sometimes I honestly wonder why!! For whatever reason, a beach takes hold of your heart and just doesn’t let go. Maybe it’s where you got proposed to, or where you watched your children grow, or where you spent your childhood… Maybe it’s the first beach you went to on the Cape… I love summers when I’m traveling up and down the Cape going to a different beach every day for family and senior photos. I also love, love, love hearing the stories of why a beach is so important to you and your family.

I’m always amazed how each beach really has it’s own personality. And they’re all so very different. And each has it’s own special beauty.

Sesuit Harbor in Dennis is small, usually pretty quiet, very simple in the elements it has. Being on the bay side, it’s more obviously tidal, & has a great seawall which is rare in that it can be used on either side depending on the light and wind…


An extended family, multi-generation family portrait at Sesuit Harbor beach at sunset.

We’re booking family and high school senior portraits for the summer of 2016 on our beautiful Cape Cod beaches. When you call, make sure you tell me all about your beach, I can’t wait to hear what makes it so special!!

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