Cape Cod portrait beach: Crowe’s Pasture

Crowe’s Pasture, on the bay side in East Dennis, is one of my favorite beaches in the mid Cape. It’s a great beach for Cape Cod portraits, it has such a varied amount of elements, and can be used at both sunrise and sunset.

On the plus side: it has rocks (if you question this, you don’t know me at all!!!), it has a great beach grass lined path, it has so much variety including a beachy road, and it’s usually not terribly crowded at sunrise or sunset.

On the negative side: it’s got quite the crazy dirt road to get to it; about a mile of rutted, single track road which is nigh on impossible for low or sports cars and is certainly not for the faint of heart! It is popular with dog walkers (which I think is a positive really, but perhaps not everyone agrees), and much of the beach side grass is cordoned off because there is off roading allowed. It is definitely not a good beach option for people with low mobility.

A couple of summers ago I had a senior book me for her session but wasn’t sure where to go. She asked if I liked Crowe’s Pasture, I said I hadn’t ever been there, turns out she hadn’t either, she just knew it was a popular spot for photos! I drove down to check it out to give her my opinion, and fell in love at first sight! I think I texted her from the parking lot I was so excited to work there!!! We took her senior portraits there, and I give it as an option any chance I get!! I have photographed family portraits there, as well as senior pix, and had such a fun love story session there, maybe it’s the perfect beach for your Cape Cod portrait.

I also happen to love it as a beach to walk Lucy, my lab, on. She loves it too.

Crowes-Pasture-1Crowes-Pasture-2Crowes-Pasture-3Crowes-Pasture-6Crowes-Pasture-8Crowes-Pasture-10Crowes-Pasture-SeniorCrowes-Pasture-Love Story

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