Cape Cod after the storm

jellies and snow on the beach

I love going to the beach after a storm like Jonas who just came through. You never know what you’ll find. There were crazy high winds, 50- 60 mile per hour gusts, and about a foot of snow over the course of the afternoon and evening. The sea was wild, with enormous waves crashing. It was a good storm.

I am always hoping for a letter in a bottle to wash up, being the uber romantic that I am. I love the idea of finding words tossed into the sea, but as of yet, am still waiting. I was not, however, expecting a jelly invasion. Not in winter anyway. There were literally hundreds of jellies along the shore line of our short beach, maybe 1/4 mile of shore and at least a thousand jellies.

I laughed when I was sharing the story with my family, because the snow was sort of odd and had these little bumps all over it, being silly, I said perhaps it was even more jellies buried under the snow!

Tomorrow, maybe I’ll find that bottle…

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