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2015 was full of challenges. Perky, positive me, has been bashed around a little. But I am still positive. I still believe in the power of love. Of compassion. Of kindness. Of family. I am ready for 2016, I am ready for a new year. A new year brings endless possibility. That’s what both my Facebook page and my Instagram accounts say at the moment, ‘possibilities are limitless #2016’.

I was ready to change my holiday window at the studio, and hadn’t yet given it much thought when we opened some late arriving Christmas gifts from my dearest friend in England. My husband got this amazing tea towel from SeaSalt of Cornwall, Cornwall was where I spent summers as a kid, and I loved the design so intensely I had to check out their social media sites. I now follow them everywhere. I am a tiny bit addicted. Their designers are pretty amazing. On their Pinterest site, I found a window display board, and they use these sails from time to time for different events. As soon as I saw a sail window, I thought, ‘I wish you smooth sailing for 2016’. I asked my hubby if I could borrow a sail, he rolled his eyes as he often does, but found me one quickly… (one of the benefits of living on the Cape, we have sailboats along with odd bits and pieces of sailboats!!)  I cut out and painted some letters and numbers, and changed the wording to ‘Here’s to Smooth Sailing in 2016’. I’m quite pleased with it!

I wish you all smooth sailing, sometimes you’ll tip so hard and have to hang on with your toes, and sometimes the wind will almost stop and you’ll feel stuck, but in the middle of the two, the wind will blow you where you need to be, and you’ll be in control of your adventure. Smooth sailing. My hope for us all.

On Seasalt’s blog, they have an inspiration post, about how their designers were inspired by plants and things around Bodmin Moor. While walking the dog on Hardings Beach on New Year’s Eve I was so entranced by the rose-hips that were black and dried, and look just like little Octopuses! I photographed them, and who knows? I just might make a block print of them, and design some material. It could happen. It’s 2016, the possibilities are limitless.

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