Cape Cod beaches

beach grass and skybeach grass in calm water

One thing that always surprises me about Cape Cod is how it’s so totally different from one spot to another, one beach to the next. I would love to take a summer off, and just explore every bit of this beautiful peninsula I live on. How magical that would be…

Last week I took a class in Truro, every morning I drove down, and after a couple of days, decided it was ridiculous of me not to explore a little on my way… So I got up around sunrise every day, and did a little exploring. The first day I went to Wellfleet Audobon, because I’ve always wanted to… and to Ryder beach as I’m a huge fan of rocks and I saw this great image… Another post, soon.

On Friday, I wasn’t sure where I was going, so I decided to just stop somewhere that called out to me. On Route 6 in Truro, there’s a large green sign that says Pleasant Point Landing. Perfect I thought. And took myself down there.

It was a beautiful morning, still early light, but not those golden first rays we’re famous for (I did have to drive an hour, and wouldn’t be home until long past sunset…) Not the day for that! There wasn’t a soul around, the water was so calm and was reflecting both the beach grass and the clouds. I walked out into the water until it was about at my knees, and just stood. My entire being was filled with peace. I was overwhelmed by the beauty that I live with every day, and promise I never take for granted. I thought to myself that a girl should stand with her feet in the water as often as she can.

And of course, I scoped it out for good portrait backgrounds, because I’m like that!

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