Art, collage and Lincoln

Abe Lincoln with Rhino for head

This week I am so lucky to be taking a class with artist Fran Forman at Truro Center Castle Hill for the Arts. The class is learning to create composites with Photoshop. Now being a portrait photographer on Cape Cod, I have a lot of experience with Photoshop and have been using it since 2.0, but you tell me someone who doesn’t have something to learn when it comes to Photoshop and I’ll find you a passenger pigeon flying around.

Fran is amazing. Her work is astounding. I bought her book today, and can’t wait to sit down later with a cup of tea and get lost in it. On her site, she is described as a fabulist, I originally read that as fab-you-list, and thought, gee I want to be a fabulist too! But after googling it, because I am a big believer in looking up things you don’t know or don’t understand, I realized it was fable-ist, meaning that she composes or relates fables. And she does so with such a unique voice. You can get lost in her work. Escape reality for a time. Imagine.

I am truly lucky to have met such an artist. Her work inspires and amazes me. Go peruse her site, get lost in the fabulousness that she shares. And then buy her book, Escape Artist, and we can compare notes.

If you’re looking for me this week, each morning I will be sharing a room with some creative, talented women, being inspired and educated, and putting rhino heads on Lincoln among other things (tonight’s homework – obviously still a ways to go!)… and then my evenings will be spent photographing some gorgeous families and seniors on our beautiful Cape Cod beaches. And I promise, well maybe promise might be a bit strong, but I’ll try really hard not to add any rhino heads to any of my beach portraits… If, however, you’d like rhino heads added, please feel free to contact me about that too!


(my daughter said, “it’s a good thing you went to Africa, mom, so you have all of these images of animals…” I agree.)


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