Jasper Beach


We had an amazing couple of weeks before this Cape Cod summer began and I started spending my time photographing families and seniors here on our beautiful shores, traveling through DownEast Maine and up to Nova Scotia and New Brunswick.

My husband is a patient man. He is married to an artist, and has been with me for almost 3 decades (yikes!), so he knows me. He knows I’m quirky and apt to bring odd things home, and make him stop to take photos of the most random things, and  that we absolutely must go to this spot or other… etc. Always dealing with my latest obsession. You’re going to braid rugs? Ok dear. You want to create encaustics? Ok dear. You want to write something on our door? Oh well as long as it’s in Italian, dear. You get the idea.

So while we were in Maine, I made everyone go to Jasper beach. Even though it was dinner time. Even though it was 10 miles out of our way. Even though it was raining. And it turns out, even though I didn’t know what Jasper was. I meant to look, honestly I did. I love searching for seaglass, and I kind of forgot that’s not what we were doing there, so my husband wasn’t quite so pleased with me when we had no cell service and I had no idea what we were looking for!!! He might have even stormed off in a tiny bit of a huff.

(Full disclosure, he’s pretty good at finding stuff that husband of mine. The best sea glass in beautiful blues, the largest Herkimer diamonds, the four leaf clovers, the best fossils, the… so I took that away from him. Thus the huff.)

But me? I was happy as a clam (I usually am). Because of the misty rain, not only was the scenery breathtaking, I love those gorgeous rocky coasts in the fog, but the rocks all looked as if they’d been in my rock tumbler for the last month. Which, is how long it takes to tumble rocks if you aren’t quite as geeky as I am. So it was truly magical. The rocks were gorgeous and gleaming, and such fantastic colours. I honestly didn’t care what they were. I appreciated each and every one for it’s own beauty. And as an added bonus, could see exactly how each would look if I did decide to polish them!

I am now photographing most every day. Cape Cod family portraits. High School senior graduation photos. Our beautiful scenery has gorgeous people in front of it. I am still pretty much happy as a clam.

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