old blogs and puppies…

This week a client of mine, a very special client, commented on a Facebook post which linked to a blog post. Both  were posted in 2010! The blog was my first one. And I stopped using it in 2012… What fun it is to go back and see the things that inspired me, made me laugh, made me cry… I love blogs. They’re the best. You can visit it here if you want…

And of course, it was linked to a 365 day project my sister and I didn’t make it through. 365 Art-full days. We were creating something every day, but we’re both over achievers, so it wasn’t sustainable. But boy I was having fun looking back over the posts, made my fingers itch to create something!!!

Thought I’d link them here, so I can remember to go revisit them from time to time. And, after I remember how to log on to them, I’ll link this one to them too!!!

Oh, and the reason she’s such a special client, she is the breeder of the most wonderful lab puppies, of which I am the proud owner of one! Lucy, my sweet, sweet black lab, came from one of her litters, almost 9 years ago. (Lucy is the one in the bottom right in the yellow collar). labpuppies06_wI am forever grateful to her for bringing so much love into our lives.

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