Multi-generational group photographs on Cape Cod

I take a lot of enormous group portraits. You know, extended families getting together on the Cape for a celebration or visit or for the summer. They’re not for the faint of heart! But I happen to love them. First there’s the actual session, which is just way too much fun, (come watch some time, you’ll see!!), a large family on the beach always draws a crowd! It’s impossible not to be loud and silly! Many a Cape Cod vacation story includes being in, or watching many generations in one family get together for a portrait on the beach. After that, my favorite part is when my clients see their beautiful framed portraits for the first time.

Geri and Mike have a wonderful family, their oldest granddaughter is on her way to becoming a doctor, their oldest grandson is movie star handsome (their words lest my husband read this!), they are so proud of their children and their children’s children. I think that’s one of the more amazing parts of being a portrait photographer, I get to become part of the family for a little while. How cool is that? On one of my Facebook posts recently I wrote that I love when my clients end their emails with ‘xo’ it makes me feel so special. These two aren’t so big on emails, but they end every visit with the real thing, xo, which is even better!!

group of cousins on the beachlarge family group photo on the beach


Portrait information: South Village Beach, Dennisport, Cape Cod 3 generation family portrait

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