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Today is my birthday. Now I’m a big believer in taking one’s birthday off to celebrate in whatever way makes you happy. Today my workload is still overwhelming so I decided that wouldn’t be fair to all of my fabulous and wonderful clients who are waiting for their orders and previews. So here I am. Working.

I made myself a promise, that not only am I leaving the studio in time for a nice long walk with the dog on a beach for sunset, but that I would take a few minutes to look at some of my photos from Phoenix that I haven’t had a chance to yet. I only took them in January! Geesh. This life is a bit insane I’ve got to say!! I still didn’t have a long peruse, but this petroglyph from Saguaro National Park caught my eye.

If I had my druthers, I’d be out hiking somewhere, preferably somewhere with some very cool stones along the way. So this will do for today. I will transport myself to January when I was out hiking somewhere, with some very cool stones along the way, and as a bonus, with great company. Make sure you take time out to feed your soul.

spiral petroglyph

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