Alex – Cape Cod Senior Portraits on the beach

So it’s a common saying on Cape Cod, if you don’t like the weather, just wait a minute.

girl sitting on beach path

girl in dress with toes in waterserious girl by water

As I was driving to Alex’ portrait session on South Cape Beach in Mashpee, one of Cape Cod’s lovelier beaches, it was pouring with rain. And when I say pouring I mean Pouring. Torrential rain. Windshield wipers that couldn’t keep up. Puddles deeper than my car. Traffic on the highway was going somewhere in the mid-20 mphs. Crazy rain. But I’d looked at the radar, and it looked like it would be clear when I got there. Alex was game, we’d discussed options and we both decided to try. About half an hour later when I arrived at the beach it was beautiful. Crazy stinking beautiful. A perfect, clear, beautiful, gorgeous Cape Cod night. A perfect night for senior photos. A perfect night for Alex.

We were glad we made the right choice! And the beach was nearly empty as the rain had scared almost everyone away. Even more perfect!!!!

You’ve gotta love Cape Cod. Among it’s other virtues, it’s got this absurd weather that you can write home about. And even after a complete soaking, the beach is dry again in minutes.

If you’re looking for senior photos, call quickly! We’re almost booked for the season, join Connor and Christina and Sophie and Ashleigh and Jennie and Kirsten and… who are still hoping that the weather the Cape brings for them is beautiful sunshine, but each have one of those precious remaining sessions booked!

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