Family photos on the beach: Cape Cod portraits

Brother and Sister in front of oceanBoy and girl in front of waterI keep thinking this will be the year that I’ll put up a map showing where all of my clients come from. A big wall map, the kind that you mark your travels and where you want to travel, but for me that’s kind of absurd. There are very few places I don’t want to visit. At the moment, I can’t think of any. But what fun to have a record of where everyone is from that I photograph. In some of those big extended family groups I photograph during family reunions and get together’s there is a lot of distance between family members. My families and clients come from literally around the world. Sometimes they’re visiting Cape Cod for the summer, or a week or two, some come every summer, some have never been before… Last summer’s families included Norway, England and Jordan among others, not to mention the numerous locations across the States… I just need to find a map I like. Oh, and a good place to put it!!! When I visited Kenya, I fell so utterly and totally in love with the country, the people, the animals, the joy, the spirit, the birds, the trees, yeah, pretty much everything. It was such a magical place. I loved the fact that there’s so much singing. I have the Kenya Etu (sp?) song on my iPod (utterly geeky, I know trust me!) and it makes me smile when it comes on (I’m mostly an all my music on random all of the time kind of girl, and with my eclectic taste it can be most amusing sometimes!). I often repeat it a few times and am transported back to Africa for a bit. Sure it’s got a name, but if you’ve been to Kenya you know the one I mean, if you haven’t, well there’s another reason to go, after the rhinos, giraffes and elephants… When I had the call from a Kenyan family wanting their family photos taken while they were visiting the Cape, it took everything in me not to beg them to take me home with them! They are a gorgeous family, and so sweet. It was a really fun session, their daughter is just so gorgeous with oodles of personality, and their son, despite the fact he’s almost a teenager and how un-cool to have your family portraits taken, was a delight. Charming. Needless to say, I didn’t stow away with them, but I do live just a tiny bit vicariously through them! Here we are, the start of the summer of 2014. I am so ready. The beach is calling. Appointments are filling. Call or email for more information, or to book your family portrait. Can’t wait to see you and hear about where you’re from. Maybe you’ll make it on my map.

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