14 ideas for Earth Day

Happy Earth Day! Take time to give the planet a little love today. For 2014 thought I’d come up with 14 ideas, I’d love to hear yours, feel free to comment!!

Closeup of a Gerbera daisy

1. Do a community clean up.

2. Use re-usable water bottles.

3. Bring your own bags for all of your shopping.

4. Buy local produce & shop locally for everything you can.

5. Wrap gifts creatively. I’ve been known to buy scarves from thrift shops (wash them) and wrap all of my gifts in them. They are always so beautiful!!

6. Start a compost pile.

7. Use only natural and organic products on your yard. (Is it better to have green grass or a green planet?)

8. Use both sides of paper.

9. Use junk mail/envelopes for scrap paper.

10. Plant milkweed for the Monarchs.

11. Practice meatless Mondays (unless you’re Vegan or Vegetarian and then you can make up your own #11).

12.  Use less water.

13. Replace all of your light bulbs with energy efficient ones.

14. Use cloth napkins (but only if you just throw them in with laundry you’re already doing!)

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