an irruption of Snowy Owls

As soon as I heard that we had a crazy influx of Snowy Owls on the Cape I wanted nothing more than to see one. Of course, their timing didn’t really work with my schedule, they arrived around the week before Christmas, which in a photography studio on Cape Cod is a kind of busy time of year. My days were full trying to get all of my portraits delivered so that they could be wrapped and delivered as gifts across the country. And then of course, the holiday break when I was at my childhood home celebrating with my family. A trip to Imaging USA in Phoenix where photographers from around the world convened for education and fun came next and the week prior was all prep. Fast forward to today, wicked cold, but I was not going to miss another opportunity.

Snowy Owl on beach

My mum, sister and I bundled up, drove to West Dennis beach and were delighted to find this beautiful bird sitting waiting for us. What a gift.

Snowy Owl on Cape CodSnowy Owl on beach

(We went back today, Martin Luther King Jr. day, and found one very near to the parking lot, nice to get a different view. Of course, I should have used a tripod!!)

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Things I love on Cape Cod in the winter:

Bird’s nests

Snowy Owls visit sometimes

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