Happy New Year! One of my friends posted their thankfulness jar online at the end of the year, and I decided as it was New Year’s day when I read it, it was the perfect day to begin our own. Of course, when I told my family, my daughter said ‘don’t you know you share a house with me and dad?’ and my husband said, ‘can I just copy whatever Adriana writes?’, so I’m totally not expecting much I have to say. But I am hoping. My fingers and toes are crossed.

What I’d love is for the jar to be overflowing at the end of the year with all of the things that have made us laugh, brought us joy and inspiration, things we are truly thankful and grateful for. What I’m afraid may be the case is that it will have one entry by Adriana (first day back to school today after Christmas break was a snow day, and tomorrow’s already cancelled, no brainer) and all the rest will be from me. But today, day two of this brand new year I am filled with hope at the prospect.

I love the idea. A book I recently read by Shawn Achor, Before Happiness says we should find three things we’re grateful for every day for 21 days to make our lives happier, I’m just going to pop of a few of those in our jar, and continue for 49 more weeks. I’ll share them at the end of the year with my lovely family who I’m grateful for each and every day, even if they don’t think my thankfulness jar is a great plan!!!!

I hope 2014 brings you happiness.Thankfulness

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